Amelia Diment - Beautiful handmade wedding and occasion jewellery


Who is Amelia Diment?

Amelia Diment is dedicated to my great grandmother Amelia, a french seamstress who taught and passed her skills to my grandmother, who in turn passed them onto my mother.


I never had the opportunity to grow up with my grandmother who was taken from us at an early age. So as a child I grew up with my step grandmother a teacher and qualified seamstress, whose mother worked in the royal palaces as a 'Court Seamstress'.


I have been surround all my life with creative and innovative women, who have lived through the make do and mend generations. I have crafted many things in my life and after taking a course in Tiara design and make, this led me into an overwhelming passion for creating my collection of simple, delicate and beautiful seed bead jewellery.


I take my inspiration from flowers and lace, and some of my pieces have a special meaning to me. My pieces are elegant and simple but very intricate, and my signature is to use gold, silver and pearl seed beads, thus creating a striking piece of jewellery.


Making the intricate seed bead jewellery


'Costume jewellery is not made to give women an aura of wealth but to make them beautiful........Coco Chanel'